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heyy guys! Sorry I haven't updated in a while! Lot in school going on. Guess what though? I'm going to a chorus concert tonight, and I get to play the "kazoo" or whatever you call it, lol. But, yeah. I've had the end of the year testing stuff, which we call it here in FL FCAT(Florida Comprehension Assesment Test). I had to take the SSS and NRT (Sunshine State Standards and Norm Reference Test)elch!! i finished testing on Friday. I'm soo glad!!!Yah..ok, so. My friend Chad, he finally burned me the Green Day cd!!!!! American Idiot one. I love Green Day, and I was so excited when he handed it to me on the bus. Yeh, I still ride the bus. haha. But next year I'm wwalking because I'm going to a different school and it's about 5 minutes away from my house.Ok, so I had to go in a portable on Friday to do a makeup test. A Science one. And this guy named Kyle Koppenhaver that used to like my friend Christine was in there too. He kept on looking at me and smiling and I'm like what? He never said anything though..haha. And Christine likes Jared, so I promised her I'd call Amanda and get his phone nimber for her. But she has to be careful cause our teacher said no dating. heh heh...riiight..I know 4 people who've breakin that rule already. Anyway..yeh. I'm just sitting here ranting about school in this comminity that is supposed to be about guys! haha.So..last night I saw Phantom of the Opera for the second time. It was as good as the fist time. The phantom is old, but cute. Except for when he takes his mask off. But I took a few picturesd of my froom for my friend Matt coz I told him I have a bunch of Orlando Bloom posters in it(which is true) and when he saw the pictures he's like ' oh my gawwd girl, you are obsessed'I'm proud of it, heee. lol, I'm being wierd, mostly coz I'm hyper today, even though I woke up at 7:00 for chorus this morning down at FAMU. ookkk, okk, no one wants to hear all my rants I have had for the past two weeks, haha. just, it feels good to let them all out. I guess I'll stop writing now, haha. I got 4 more communities to qrite in today.
T o g e t h e r hand in hand < 33
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