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4.nicknames that we can call you~dont have a specific one
5.favorite colors~blue, hot pink, black, red & silver
6.favorite guy stars~ashton kutcher, chad michael murray,vin diesel, stifler (forgot his name), dino from life as we know it, & cooper from the days
7.T.V shows and channels you mostly watch~mtv, comedy central, fox family, friends, real world, crap like that
8.Dream car, husband, and place to live~not really a dream car but i love jeep cherokees!, umm husband idk, and anywhere other then sarasota
9.future career~ something to do with animals, i dont know..sea world, busch gardens or something like that
10.Why do u want to join this community~pretty much forced to! haha jk
11.List all the guy stars that u think are totally hot(atleast 5-10)~ashton kutcher, chad michael murray,vin diesel,dino from life as we know it, & cooper from the days

12.anything else??? Tell us about what u do in your spare time and about your family and all that jazz (LOL)~VOLLEYBALL!! & sleep, i will have more of a life when i get my license, and my family is okay..were just all crazy
13. Post atleast one or two pics of yourself~

me on the left, as if you guys didnt know..lol

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