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3.location~Sarasota, FL
4.nicknames that we can call you~Bina..or Beanz
5.favorite colors~pink,light blue, light purple, light green
6.favorite guy stars~ Chad Michael Murray, Freddie Prince Jr., Paul Walker, Brad from the real world(San Diego)
7.T.V shows and channels you mostly watch~The Real World, Road Rules, 7th Heaven, Battle of the Sexes, Friends, Real World Road Rules Challanges...
8.Dream car, husband, and place to live~Mustang Gt, Chad Michael Murray, his house
9.future career~not sure yet....cosmotologist?
10.Why do u want to join this community~Because I love guys and if there was no guys I wouldn't go to school
11.List all the guy stars that u think are totally hot(atleast 5-10)~Chad Michael Murray, Paul Walker, TI, Eminem, Ashton Kutcher, Usher, Chingy,
12.anything else??? Tell us about what u do in your spare time and about your family and all that jazz (LOL)~Well I have a boyfriend and his name is John so I like to spend time with him, and also hanging out with my best friends just cause they are the best and one of them is the MOD. My Family is ok x-cept they are a little to overprotective. And my sister is totaly Annoying but sometimes she can be ok.
13. Post atleast one or two pics of yourself~

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