Casey (oc_lover) wrote in we_luv_hot_guys,

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hey umm your application is gone lol wat happened!
i have no idea what happened
do i really have to do that again it took so long...
AG!!.. your it!!.. whoever ruins this will have bad luck for twelve months..
national makeout day is coming up this friday and if you send this to ten
pplz in less then 5 minutes.. you will be kissed by someone who likes you on
friday.. NO TAG BACKS.....In the next 20 min and you WILL have the best day
of your life on Valentines Day.You're number one *love*Will either kiss you,
ask you out, or call you.If you break this chain The little boy from the
grudgewill be in youre room tonight at 930pm
dont worrie about will be ok!