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had to re-post

1.Name~[[ Staci ]]
2.Age~[[ 15 ]]
3.location~[[ Sarasota, Fl ]]
4.nicknames that we can call you~[[ Staxi or Stacarlio ]]
5.favorite colors~[[ Blue and Pink ]]
6.favorite guy stars~[[ Chad micheal murray and Barry Watson ]]
7.T.V shows and channels you mostly watch~ [[ MTV ]]
8.Dream car, husband, and place to live~ [[ <u>Dream Car:</u> ecplise{sp?}
<u>husband:</u> a guy that has a great personitily can joke around and can also be serious when he has to be. cute!!! has to know how to treat me right.
<u>place to live:</u> anywhere but here, somewhere nice though. like cali or something ]]
9.future career~ [[ Marine Biologist working behind the seens at Seaworld/Bush Gardens ]]
10.Why do u want to join this community~ [[ Because one of my best friends is the MOD. and I love guys and i love being in a comm and meeting new people. ]]
11.List all the guy stars that u think are totally hot(atleast 5-10)~
[[ 1. Chad michael murray
2. Barry Watson
3. Robert Ri'Chard
4. Vin Disel
5. sean patrick thomas ]]
12.anything else??? Tell us about what u do in your spare time and about your family and all that jazz (LOL)~ [[ I like to hang out with Friends, go to Hollywood I am easy to get along with but if i don't like you then you will know. and I HATE people mad/upset with me. ]]
13. Post atleast one or two pics of yourself~
sry my computer wasn't working right so yeah

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